the-main-maam asks: I just bought two giant heads of kale for my bunnies and the picky babies hate it. What can I make with all of this?


Aw that’s adorable, haha. I get where they’re coming from though, even though I might as well be vegetarian it’s still tough to eat lots of kale as is since it can be pretty bitter! So usually I’ll throw it in as a ‘side’ feature in a dish instead of making it one of the main ingredients. Try some of these:

Honestly you can sneak a little kale into pretty much anything! Depending on what you’re making you might want to blanch it first to take out some of the bitterness and make the leaves softer. Then toss some in any salad, use a couple of the young leaves (no stems) in a fruit smoothie (if it’s bitter then don’t add sugar or honey, add some lemon/lime juice which neutralizes it, goes for any green juice), put some in soups/stews/risotto, substitute it for spinach, make some easy kale chips which actually taste ah-mayzing (fold leaves in half, take out stems, toss them in a bowl with some olive oil, put them in the oven for 5-10 min and don’t forget to turn, take out and sprinkle with salt and voila), etc. Look up the kale tag for more ideas too. Kale’s good stuff.